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Coast Cooking: Try this simple breakfast sandwich


Special to the Sun Herald

Ham and egg breakfast sandwich.
Ham and egg breakfast sandwich.

At the other end of the sandwich timeline, when compared to the Reuben I blogged about Monday, is the breakfast sandwich.

It is a late-comer to be sure. This great food invention probably sprang from the idea of putting a piece of country ham in a hot, buttered biscuit. Tex-Mex culture took advantage of it with the equally as great idea of a breakfast taco. It is portable, delicious and if you are careful, nutritious breakfast idea.

Chef Paul Monti, who I mentioned in Monday’s blog, also makes one of the best breakfast sandwiches I have ever had.

 It is quite simple, just egg and ham, but it is huge, not expensive, but delicious. He employs two very good ideas in making this sandwich.

First he uses a high-quality ham. Taylor ham is located in New Jersey, and Monti swears it makes all the difference in the world but there are other top-notch brands.

The other trick Monti uses is not to scramble the eggs, but make them in an omelet pan. They come out light and fluffy and almost 2-inches thick. Always remember to serve this sandwich piping hot, right out of the skillet.