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Coast Cooking: My favorite roast beef sandwich is the Italian beef


Special to the Sun Herald

Italian beef sandwich.
Italian beef sandwich.

Many people agree roast beef makes one of the best sandwiches ever.

The most basic version is sliced roast beef on white bread, with a little mayonnaise and cheese.

A big step up is the roast beef po-boy that we in the South love so much. Lots of shredded beef, lots of gravy and fully dressed (if you are not from here means add lettuce, tomato and sliced pickles).

The king of all roast beef sandwiches, for me, and please throw no stones, is the Italian beef.

This luscious roast beef sandwich is drenched in beef au jus, and coved with roasted peppers. It is messy, a big handful and is absolutely delicious. It seems this sandwich was invented by members of the Italian community in Chicago, most likely in the 1930s.

Whatever style of roast beef sandwich you like, please make your own. Simply season a roast, make small slits in it, insert garlic slivers, put in the oven at 325 f., add a glass of wine or stock if you like, and bake until it is falling apart.