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Coast Cooking: You’ve got to try charbroiled oysters


Special to the Sun Herald

Charbroiled oysters are a great treat.
Charbroiled oysters are a great treat.

There really is quite a bit that can be done, culinarily, with the solitary oyster. Monday I blogged about eating oysters raw or neat, as I prefer to say. Tuesday it was the delicious Rockefeller-style, certainly one of my favorites, but there is still more.

Charbroiled oysters are a long-time Coast favorite. It is a simple idea that has many applications. At it simplest form, it is a plate of oysters on the half shell that have been doctored with butter, garlic, cheese, herbs and lemon.

The problem we must avoid is covering up the delicate flavor of the oyster, and, as I am sure you are tired of me writing, overcooking them. Oysters in any format should be plump and juicy.

There is not a problem with the butter, garlic, in reasonable measure and lemon, so the real question is down to the cheese and herb you use. Parmesan Reggiano, Pecorino Roman, Gruyere and countless other cheeses will do just fine, if not overdone. Perhaps this is a dilemma that is solved only by personal preference.

Many people prefer parsley for the herbal component, but I find that greenery almost without taste. Why not be bold and go for a few trimmings of cilantro or even a robust basil?

So, go forth, buy a sack of oysters at the harbor in Pass Christian, or from you fish seller and have a little fun experimenting with your friends.