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Coast Cooking: Turnip green soup


Special to the Sun Herald

Turnip green soup.
Turnip green soup.

This week's blog entries will focus on some of the more interesting food ideas I have seen recently.

Let’s start with a place I went to last week in Wesson just south of Brookhaven, called Porches.

It has been around for 21 years, and it is a Southern-inspired restaurant with some innovative twists. Everything I had was good, but the turnip green soup was nothing short of way cool.

You can find a lot of recipes on the Internet for that soup, but none were cream-based, as was the dish at Porches, so I am going to have to make a go of it on my own.


2 cups cooked turnip greens

1/2 cup chopped onion

3 cups chicken broth

1 cup heavy cream

Optional 1/2 cup smoked sausage



Salt, black pepper, just a pinch of cayenne

If you want to use the sausage, sauté it in a little oil until well-browned; add some butter and the onions and cook until tender, add the stock and cream, season and simmer until thick. Add the greens, cook only to warm, top with Parmesan and serve piping hot.