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Coast Cooking: Try this method to get the french fries right


Special to the Sun Herald

Try this method to get perfect french fries.
Try this method to get perfect french fries.

The last comfort food side dish we will focus on in this week’s blog entries on side dishes is the ubiquitous french fry.

No other side dish bears the misconduct, the ill treatment and abuse that many cooks deliver to the french fry.

You may laugh, but if you do, I am guessing you have never had a good french fry. It seems the Belgians are the masters of this delightful food, and there is one primary secret to getting it right.

The best fries are cooked twice. First at a low temp, just to get them cooked through, then flash fried at a higher temp, just before serving (and in this case every second counts), to make them crisp and perfect.

Some brine the fries first, some keep them and refrigerated overnight before cooking, but the real difference is in the double frying. Fry them first at 280 f, just until tender or about 6-8 minutes. Increase the temp to 375 f and finish them off. Don’t overcrowd the pot and serve immediately!