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Coast Cooking: A healthy diet


Special to the Sun Herald

Consider a simple salad for a healthy meal.
Consider a simple salad for a healthy meal.

So now you are going to think I am completely nuts. This week's blog topic will be about a healthy diet, no deep-frying, no creamy sauces, no fatty pork. So what's going on?

I had a physical the other day and the blood work came back less than stellar. Now don’t get the idea that I am giving up on good eats completely, absolutely not, but I am going to make some modifications.

One of those changes is that I am going to be eating a salad for my evening meal. Are you laughing yet? No! I am serious. I have already lost 10 pounds, am hitting the health club with renewed vigor and am determined to lose a few pounds and get back into better shape.

So, you will get the benefit of my sharing some healthy diet recipes.


This salad is surprisingly good and healthy. Just don't go nuts with the Parmigiano-Reggiano and yogurt.

1 bunch romaine lettuce

Crunchy croutons

Just a dusting of Parmigiano-Reggiano

1 scoop Greek style yogurt

Combine all of the ingredient, toss and serve slightly chilled. Add diced tomatoes if you like.