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Coast Cooking: Vietnamese restaurants serve up great dishes


Special to the Sun Herald

Pho as served at  Henry’s Café and Bakery in D’Iberville.
Pho as served at Henry’s Café and Bakery in D’Iberville.

The Coast is blessed with an abundance of good restaurants, and it is a double blessing that they are of great variety.

You can find all the classics: Italian, Japanese, Greek, Creole and Cajun, but perhaps my favorite category of ethnic-inspired eateries on the Coast is Vietnamese.

Vietnamese cuisine is known the world over for its delicious food, healthy options and diversity. Diversity you say? Well yes. You may know of pho. The clear broth beef and rice noodle soup is certainly the heart of this hearty food style, and it is the National dish of Vietnam.

But what about Banh Mi, the Vietnamese version of a French sandwich on a fresh baguette? We most often describe it as a Vietnamese po-boy, and they are also relatively well known and loved, but other than those two Vietnamese offerings, the rest of it seems to be a mystery to most Americans.

So this week we are going to devote this blog to Vietnamese cuisine. I won’t, however, be providing recipes.

This is restaurant food, and unless you have a serious background in this style of cooking and the ingredients, leave it to the pros. We have a big handful of Vietnamese places on the Coast. Get out there and give one of them a try.

If you just have to give Vietnamese cooking a try, get a copy of “The Pleasures of the Vietnamese Table,” by Mai Pham.

The photo for today’s blog, in fact all the photos for this week’s blogs, was taken at Henry’s Café and Bakery in D’Iberville. Henry's is very good, but so are all the others.