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Coast Cooking: Try a fried egg on top of that burger


Special to the Sun Herald

A fried egg goes sell on top of a burger.
A fried egg goes sell on top of a burger.

This may seem like a stretch to some, but topping a cheeseburger with a fried egg is killer good.

In fact, topping a lot of things with a fried or soft poached egg is good. Ever had a filet of beef with an egg topping? Wow!

 There is something about the rich egg yolk that makes a lot of things come together. Add a whole raw egg to piping hot pasta and you are on the way to having pasta carbonara.

Top a German-style schnitzel with a poached egg, and you have schnitzel Holstein (the name is in reference to the region where this idea was invented).

Some higher-end restaurants, especially those that are using emersion circulators, have found that the incredible results that fancy kitchen tool is capable of makes for a great poached egg to serve over a green salad.

So with all the good ideas on how to employ an egg, almost as a garnish, why not top your cheeseburger with one?

Here are a few other tips if you decide to go this way. Always use farm fresh eggs purchased at the farmers market. Cook the egg gently and do not overcook it, the flavor and texture are destroyed by the application of too much heat. And as always, serve that poached or gently fried egg at once.