Coast Cooking

Coast Cooking: Country Girl’s Creamery

By JULIAN BRUNT/Special to the Sun  Herald

Country Girl's butter, bread and wine.

Did you know there is a local dairy farmer that sells milk, butter, cheese and cream? It's called Country Girl’s Creamery, and can be found at several of our farmer's markets. Again, if you have never tried local and fresh, you don't know what you are missing.

The milk is pasteurized, so it is safe, but not homogenized, so the milk and cream will separate. Who cares, right?

This is a family-run business that deserves your patronage, and will improve anything you make that involves dairy. In fact, Country Girl’s is so popular you will often have to stand in line at the market to buy anything.

By the way, does being  a dairy farmer sound like a cool job? Think again! It takes four hours to milk the cows, which has to be done twice a day, seven days a week. No days off. This is another one of those jobs we have been focusing on in this blog all week that requires passion, and lots of it.

Again today, I am not going to give you a recipe, just a suggested combination. Get a loaf of freshly made, local bread, a pound of Country Girl’s butter and a bottle of your favorite red wine. It is a combination made in heaven. So simple; so good.