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Coast Cooking: Seared tuna


Seared tuna is a Coast favorite.
Seared tuna is a Coast favorite.

Seared tuna is a dish you see more and more often on Coast restaurant menus and for good reason.

Fresh tuna, when not overcooked, is a delicious, and a healthy choice.

Fresh tuna needs to be purchased at a fish market, on ice, as a filet, not frozen and vacuum sealed. The difference is huge.

Always remember the best way to tell if fish is fresh is to smell it. It should always smell of the sea, but if it has a fishy odor, pass on it.

Add seared tuna to a salad of almost any sort. It needs very little accompaniment.


1 pound fresh tuna filet

Sesame seeds

Sesame oil and olive oil

Allow the tuna to approach room temperature. Add equal amounts of sesame oil and olive oil to a pan and heat to smoking hot. Lightly coat the whole filet in sesame seeds, then sear for just less than a minute on each side. Slice 1/2 inch thick and serve at once. A little wasabi and mayonnaise dip will compliment this dish.