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Coast Cooking: Try making your own jaeger schnitzel


Try making your own jaeger schnitzel.
Try making your own jaeger schnitzel.

If you have been lucky enough to visit Germany, then you probably have a pretty serious love affair going on with German food.

German restaurants are few and far between in this part of the world, and that's a pity. Remember Keppner's in Biloxi? It’s long gone, but there is a great place in Bay St Louis called Cannella that is absolutely authentic.

German-style schnitzel is one of the most classic German dishes, and is not hard to make at home, especially if you use pork and not the hard-to-find veal. What to top it with might be more problematic.

A good schnitzel is great with just a squirt of lemon, a fried egg, or a mushroom sauce to make it a jaeger schnitzel.

By the way, it's called a jaeger (hunter) schnitzel, because it comes with the mushrooms a hunter might find in the woods.


4 pork chops, bone removed

All purpose flour

Salt and pepper

2 eggs

Breadcrumbs (I like Panko best)

Use a kitchen mallet to flatten the chops, just as thin as you can get them without tearing them. Beat the eggs in a shallow bowl, add the flour to another bowl and season with the salt and pepper. Dip the chops in the egg, shake off the excess, then dip in the bread crumbs, coating evenly. Fry in hot oil for 2-3 minutes on a side, until golden brown. It is essential that you serve them at once.