Coast Cooking

Coast Cooking: Fresh dairy products from the farmers market


Country Girls Creamery at the local farmers market.
Country Girls Creamery at the local farmers market.

Among the many blessings at farmers markets are the dairy products. Look for locally produced milk, cream, butter, cheese and stunning chocolate milk.

Typically, locally dairies will pasteurize, but not homogenize dairy products. Pasteurizing is essential to keep you safe, homogenizing only keeps the cream and milk from separating.

Once you try locally produced milk, from happy cows that walk around all day eating green grass, and enjoying the sunshine, you will be hooked. Look for Country Girls Creamery at your local market. They are friendly people, with a superior product.

Try using fresh dairy products in everyday recipes. Here are a few suggestions:

Make an omelet with local eggs and 1/2 cup of good cream

Make a grilled cheese sandwich with local bread and local cheese

Use local butter in all cooking applications

Combine local bread, butter, and cheese for a great and hearty cold sandwich

Use local cream and butter for a great cream sauce along with fresh made pasta