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Coast Cooking: Sicilian II an out-of-the-way treasure

In keeping with this week’s blog theme of out-of-the-way quirky restaurants, Sicilian II in Biloxi certainly fits the bill.

It is run by a Greek chef with Sicilian roots, and he speaks, Greek, Italian, Spanish and English, so he more than exceeds the language requirement.

Sicilian II is out of the way, in a strip mall just west of Keesler Gate 7 and has been in business less than a year. The chef/owner is a character of the first order, and is very likely to visit your table and check on you, with a heavy accent and all. 

You will love it.

But what you will love even more is the heavenly pizza. Everything is made from scratch. When you order, dough is taken out of the cooler, worked into a circle, tossed in the air, sauced, toppings added, and then baked in a screaming hot oven until it is perfectly done. Everything on this menu is good, but if you try the pizza, you will be hooked.