Coast Cooking

Coast Cooking: A few words about my favorite kind of restaurants

There is a special category of restaurant that is near and dear to my heart. 

They are always somewhat out of the way, a little funky, ethnically diverse, a language other than English is always spoken there, and the food is always made from scratch.

These places are not main stream, far from it. The average Joe will not step foot inside, but for those brave souls who are seriously concerned with seriously good food, there is no greater delight. 

Let’s start with the handful of Vietnamese places to be found on the Coast. All are good, and it is hard to pick a favorite, but Henry's Café and Bakery in D'Iberville would among the top of my list. 

Fresh baked, crusty bread, that is coming out of the oven all day long, great banh mi, (Vietnamese style po-boys), superior pho, the national dish of Vietnam, a wonderful beef stew, great roasted duck dishes, and Vietnamese style pork chops that are killer good.

Great pho is made with a great beef stock. Beef bones are slow-roasted over night, never coming to a boil. Rice noodles are cooked just moments before the pho is served, raw beef is thin sliced into the steaming stock, so it is just cooked perfectly when it is served, and it is served with a large side of vegetables and herbs that is meant to be torn by hand and added to the soup.