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Coast Cooking: Squash soup

Thursday’s blog focused on sauté of squash and zucchini.

 We are going to take up the squash theme again today, but perhaps in a way you have not tried. 

Yellow squash, along with heavy cream, and a little chicken or vegetable stock, makes a great, light, but delicious soup, and it is surprisingly simple to accomplish.

This simple recipe also goes well with pumpkin and sweet potatoes, and if you absolutely must, you can add a surprising array of things to fortify this good soup; cheese, fresh herbs, sauté onion and garlic and more. But it is so good in this simple format, why bother?


4-6 yellow squash

2 cups heavy cream

1-2 cups stock

Salt and pepper

Sauté the chopped squash in a little butter, well seasoned with salt and pepper, until just done. Place in a food processor and blend smooth. Slowly add the cream, stop and check for consistency often (you do not want to make it too thin), then add some stock until you have got it just right. Remove to a sauce pan and warm. Serve with crusty, locally baked bread as a wonderful first course.