Coast Cooking

Coast Cooking: Pulled pork

If you are able to buy good-quality pork, and there is a huge variance in quality that is available, then little seasoning is needed. 

This is particularly true of pork shoulder, the cut that gives us the pulled pork from which most barbecue sandwiches are made. 

What is most important is that the shoulder be cooked low and slow -- 325 F is generally agreed upon as the best temperature. 

If you have a smoker that allows you to control the temperature, then you have the best of both worlds. Oven-roasted is good, but slow-smoked is even better.

A pork shoulder slow smoked makes for great pulled pork, and if you really want a treat, use the pulled pork to build the best taco you have ever had.


1 pork shoulder

Salt and Pepper

Smoked paprika

Pre-heat over or smoker to 325 F. Give the shoulder a long and steady rub with the seasonings. If you are a garlic fan, make slits in the shoulder, and stuff them with slivers of garlic. Place on a roasting pan, put in the oven, and go shopping. It will help to start basting the shoulder a few hours in, but you can't rush the process. The shoulder is done when the pork can be easily pulled away with a fork. How big the shoulder is will determine how long it will take to cook. Plan on a minimum of 2 hours.