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Coast Cooking: Breakfast tacos, anyone?

If you have spent any time in south Texas, you have enjoyed breakfast tacos. This is a wonderful Tex-Mex idea. It is a delicious breakfast, as healthy as you want to make it, and it is portable -- an easy-to-eat, one-handed meal. 

Eggs seem the most essential ingredient, a bit of sausage would be nice, and a cheese component is good too. But let's give this recipe a Southern swing, OK?


Soft flour tortillas

1 egg per taco

3-4 pieces sliced smoked sausage per taco

2-3 tablespoons your best pimento and cheese recipe

Keep the tortillas warm in a low oven, but don't let them dry out. Be gentle with the eggs when you scramble them, add a splash of milk and a tab of butter if you like, but cook them slowly over very low heat. Sauté the sliced sausage until well-browned. Fill a warm tortilla with egg, add slices of sausage and a dollop or two of pimento and cheese. Place back in the oven just to melt the cheese, and serve at once.  Your family is going to love this recipe.