Coast Cooking

Coast Cooking: Fajitas are good with many things

Fajitas are made with just about anything these days, shrimp, chicken and who knows what else? 

The original recipe called for flank steak and for good reason. Flank steak is loaded with beefy flavor. It is hearty, perfect for spice combinations. Let's just stick with a good thing, OK?

If you insist on using chicken, please use chicken thighs, dark meat always has more flavor and will not dry out like breast meat. Always use the best-quality chicken you can afford.  


1-2 cloves smash garlic

1 teaspoon cumin

Juice from half a lemon

2-3 good squirts hot sauce

1/2 cup oil

Lots of black pepper

1 pound sliced flank steak

1 sliced onion

1 sliced red bell pepper

1 sliced green bell pepper

Combine the first seven ingredients, and place in a Ziploc bag. Marinate for at least 1 hour. Remove the beef from the marinade, heat a cast iron skillet to smoking hot, add a little oil and cook the beef for 3 minutes on a side. If you overcook the beef it will be tough and dry. Remove and set aside. Add the onions and bell peppers to the still hot skillet, and cook until just done, but still a little crispy. It’s a fine line, be careful. Combine the beef and veggies, taste and season as necessary. Use the refrigerated tortillas you can find in any Hispanic grocery and any of the typical condiments you like. Make sure to serve at once, so have all the toppings ready when the beef is done.