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Coast Cooking: Best quality burger

OK, today rounds out the week’s blogging about burgers. I hope you have been able to bear with me, but I truly believe that there is nothing better than a great burger. 

This time let's look at the ultimate burger, that burger that we pull all the stops out for. This is not going to be a burger to share with the neighbors’ kids in the back yard, but a burger you would serve for someone very special and discerning.

The big difference in this burger idea is the meat. Do not buy already ground beef, but buy the best quality beef you can find, and have the butcher grind it or grind it yourself. 

Let’s get right to it. 


2/3 pound brisket

1/4 pound fatty pork

Freshly ground black pepper

Sea salt or soy sauce

2 slices imported Gruyere cheese per burger

Red ripe tomatoes

Thin sliced red onion

Locally baked buns

Combine the ground beef and pork, season with black pepper and salt, or soy, your choice (I think I prefer soy). Now give it a good mix and form into patties. Make the patties thick! Get your grill fired up with a big hardwood fire, hickory and oak wood will do nicely. Remember you have to work quickly! A hardwood fire, once burned to glowing hot embers will not last as long as charcoal. Also make sure to have all of your condiments sliced and ready, when this burger comes off the grill it should be served at once. Grill the burger to medium rare, top with lots of cheese, cover to melt. Then assemble and serve!