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Coast Cooking: Fried egg cheeseburger, mmm!

We are edging up the burger blogging today, and we are going to blog about some of the other things that can be added to a burger besides cheese, and the standard condiments. 

The first that comes to mind is chili, and a good chili cheese burger is hard to beat. It is super messy, and delicious, but let's just hope the chili did not come from a can. 

Of course bacon is another good option, and I would not even object to a chili and bacon cheeseburger. Would you?

But there is one cheeseburger option that most people do not think about, and that is a simple fried egg. 

Many chefs are famous for adding the yolk of an egg to a sauce or other dish, because it adds such an incredible richness, and the same principal applies to a good burger. Here's how I would do it.


1 pound 80-20 ground beef, the best I can find

Fresh locally baked buns

Gruyere cheese

1 farmers market egg per burger


Mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise

Pickle, tomato, lettuce

This burger can be grilled just like all the others we have talked about this week, using a good hardwood or hardwood charcoal fire. Please do not overcook it. Just as the burgers finish cooking, and the cheese has been added, melt a little butter in a sauté pan, carefully break the eggs, and slide them into the frothy butter. Cook just until the whites are firm, but the yolk is not. Construct the burgers, and add the eggs at the very end. Allow each person to top their burger with the bun and give it a good press to break the yolk and coat the burger. Yum.