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Coast Cooking: I love hamburgers

I just can’t help myself. Last Saturday I had a really great cheeseburger at one of those beach-side joints that have sprung up in Bay St Louis. 

It was just a simple burger, not a lot of adornments, but man was it ever good. So if you will bear with me, we will focus the blog on burgers this week. Again.

Burgers are the quintessential American food invention. If you have travelled abroad and tried burgers made in other places, you know that no one makes burgers like we do. Who knows what the secret is? Certainly other countries produce great beef, cheese and bread, but somehow it is not the same.

Here is the most basic recipe for a good burger.


1 pound 80-20 ground beef

1-2 tablespoons Dale Steak Seasoning

3-6 cloves chopped garlic

Lots of freshly ground black pepper

Grill with hardwood or hardwood charcoal fire

Combine the ingredients for the burger, use your hands and really get a good mix. Make sure your fire has just passed its hottest point and the flames have died down. Grill to medium rare, you will know it is just right when spots of blood appear on the surface. If you press down or stab your burgers with a fork or spatula, you will be disbarred for life from the national burger-makers union. Let the burgers rest for a few minutes, but serve still piping hot, on locally made, crusty bread, and all the condiments you like.