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Coast Cooking: Banh Mi, a Vietnamese-style po-boy

Another culinary wonder from Vietnam is Banh Mi, or what we call a Vietnamese-style po-boy.

This great food idea seems to be a fusion of French and Vietnamese food, invented when Vietnam was a French colony. 

There are plenty of ingredients that can go on one of these po-boys, but the best offerings are roasted pork, meatballs, pate, a load of fresh vegetables, a few jalapenos and a splash of soy sauce. 

Most all of the Vietnamese restaurants on the Coast serve Banh Mi, some even bake their own bread. Check them out, or try to make your own. You are going to be hooked


1 po-boy style roll per person

1 pound Chinese red roasted pork 

1/4 cup marinated daikon and carrots

Small bunch cilantro

1-2 jalapeño pepper

Soy sauce

Buy the pork and the marinated daikon and carrots at your local Vietnamese grocery. The bread should come from a Vietnamese bakery. Slice the bread length wise, load with roasted pork, top with the daikon and carrot, add a few sliced peppers, and a good splash of soy sauce. Serve at once.