Coast Cooking

Coast Cooking: Oyster and avocado salad

Going out to eat isn't always an option, as delightful as that might sound.

Maybe just being a bit creative with a fresh, seafood-inspired salad is the best bet when it just seems too hot to cook.

On Tuesday, I shared a shrimp salad recipe. Today it is an oyster salad. 

This recipe does require you to fry oysters, but that can be accomplished in just minutes. Try this method and I think you will like it.


1 pint fresh oysters

1 bowl full of tempura powder

1 bowl full of panko bread crumbs

1, 3- to 4-inch deep fry pan, 2 inches full of almost smoking hot oil

Toss the drained oysters in the tempura, shake off excess and allow to become tacky, toss in the panko, remove excess and deep fry for 1 minute. Remove and combine with salad as quickly as you can. Serve breathlessly fast.


Fried oysters

Sliced  avocado

Assortment of fresh lettuce

Sliced  tomato

Crumbled feta cheese

Wedges of lemon

Combine, spritz with the fresh lemon slices and serve lickety-split.