Coast Cooking

Coast Cooking: Give curry a try in the kitchen and on the table

A good curry is a true delight. 

One of my favorites is Chicken tikka masala, an Indian favorite, that  is the national dish of Great Britain. 

The Thai's have done wonders with curry, and its fame has spread around the world. It is a food category well worth exploring. 

You can buy curry powder and curry paste at the Asian market, my preference is green curry paste. Experiment a little and pick the one you like the best. 

Yes, it can be a complicated dish to prepare, but there are shortcuts, perhaps not shortcuts that a good Indian chef would take; he would much prefer to make his curry from scratch, but good enough for us amateurs. 


1 cup chopped chicken thigh meat

1 can coconut milk or cream

1-2 tablespoons red or green curry paste


Fresh cut bell peppers for garnish

Give the chicken a quick sauté in hot oil, not to cook through, but to add some color. Bring the coconut milk to a simmer and cook until the oil in the milk breaks or separates. Add the curry, stir, taste and add more curry as needed. Add the chicken and simmer until the chicken is tender and cooked through. Garnish and serve with steamed jasmine rice.