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Coast Cooking: More deli selections mean more sandwich possibilities

It’s great that so many of our grocery stores have improved their deli selections.

Some are even roasting their own hams, beef and pork roasts. A good deli also has a wide selection of cheese, and charcuterie, like pate, German- and Italian-style sausages and cured meats.  

Did you know that the Germans make at least 40 kinds of sausage; the Italians at least 20; and the French, a miserly dozen or so. 

If all you can think of is salami, baloney and ham, this is a subject you just might want to research. 

By the way, Italians also make more than 20 cheeses that start with the letter A.

Back to the point, the improved delis give us the chance to explore some wonderful sandwich possibilities. 

Choices include a Cuban, club, Monte Cristo, Reuben, corned beef, muffaletta to name just a few, but the best has to be the Dagwood.  

If you do not know, a Dagwood is a sandwich made with all the leftovers in the refrigerator, but you can cheat and go to your local deli and get a few slices of everything that looks good. Don't forget the tomatoes, onions, pickles and mayonnaise. 



Hot Soppressata

A good smear of Gorgonzola

Olive salad

Crusty locally made French bread

There is no order or required quantity for this sandwich. If you like something add more, if you don’t care for something add less. Eat it cold or hot, either way it is going to be so good.