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Coast Cooking: Smoked salmon is a great brunch idea

This is the entry rounds out our week of brunch blog entries, I sure hope you have enjoyed the previous four. 

Let's devote this short space smoked salmon. It is an amazing food, super delicious, super healthy, but a bit pricy.

Smoked salmon comes in two basic varieties, hot and cold smoked. 

The cold smoked is thin sliced, the hot smoked is much thicker. Both are delicious, but have completely different textures. 

The quality of both types varies widely, with some pretty cheap stuff at the big box stores, but the other end is wild-caught Scottish and it is steeply priced, to say the least. 

This stuff is so good it requires little adornment or accompaniment. Remove it from the package, roll it up into a tube and artfully plate it. Smoked salmon also goes well with scrambled or poached eggs, in pasta or, using the cheaper variety, mixed in cream cheese for a dip. Classically it is served this way:


1 package cold smoked salmon


Thin sliced red onion


Crème Fraiche

Arrange the thin slices of smoked salmon on a serving platter, scatter a few capers about, and some thin sliced red onion as well. Cut the lemon into wedges, or thin half moons, your choice, and serve with dollops of crème fraiche.