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Coast Cooking: Try this fish taco

It confounds me some people are put off by fish tacos. 

It is a simple, delicious combination that when not overcooked, is a wonder. I am equally confused by those who do not like high-quality Mississippi raised catfish, like Simmons. 

I can't imagine anyone not liking a well-made Mississippi catfish taco. 


1 pound catfish fillets from the seafood shop


Salt and pepper

Egg and water to make a wash

100 percent whole wheat soft tortillas

1 cup mayonnaise

The flesh from a ripe avocado

Juice of a lemon

1 diced tomato

Season the flour with salt and pepper. Toss the fish in the wash, then the flour and fry crispy, just 2-3 minutes in hot oil. Combine the mayonnaise, avocado and lemon juice. Slather the tortilla with the mayonnaise mixture, add the fish and top with the tomato. Serve at once.