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Coast Cooking: Good tea is worthy of enjoying hot

Iced tea may be as Southern as you can get, but better quality teas are finally becoming available in the USA. 

Bag tea is never of the finest quality, and is often made of broken leaves or worse. Go online and see one of the specialty dealers, like the Imperial Tea House in San Francisco. 

A good tea is quite expensive, but a little goes a long way and a good also tea can be infused several times, so if you are careful, it can be more economical than you might have thought. 

My favorite green tea is Dragon Well, and if you are fond of green tea, this just might be the best you can get. It is a pan roasted green tea, produced mostly by hand, in China of course, and has a full, nutty texture and toasty aroma.

A good tea is worthy of enjoying served hot.


Here's how to make the perfect cup:

Use 3-5 grams for a 8-10 oz serving

Heat water to 158 f, and not a degree more

Allow to steep 1 to 3 minutes

When you re-steep, allow a little more time for each infusion.

Good tea has a calming quality, but also stimulates. Take your time when drinking a cup of tea, think about the many hands and hours it took to produce this wonderful drink. If you want to learn more about tea, read one of the many books written by American's tea expert, and my friend, James Norwood Pratt.