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Coast Cooking: You're gonna love this Big Easy sandwich

I recently made a trip to Oxford and was much taken by the number and quality of restaurants.

Chef John Currence has a bunch, and they are all good. Chef Corbin Evan's Oxford Canteen was also great, but the first meal I had was at Ajax's Diner, where I had one of the most unusual sandwiches I have ever had, and it was killer good. 

It was called the Big Easy and can best be described as a plate lunch on a bun.

According to Ajax Diner's owner, Randy Yates, the sandwich is named for Eli Manning. 

“It's what he used to order on Friday's before games,” Yates said, “except all on a bun.”

Yates explained Eli Manning’s nickname was “Easy E,” a variation of the Big Easy, and the sandwich debuted on the day of Manning’s last home game in Oxford.

Below is my variation on that sandwich.


1 country-fried steak

2/3 cup mashed potatoes

1/2 cup brown gravy

1/4 cup butter beans

1 bun

This blog is way too short to go through the prep for each item, so I will leave that to you, but the assembly is quite easy; top half the bun with the fried steak, follow with the potatoes, then gravy and lastly the lima beans. This could easily be made from leftovers, or a variety of other Southern favorites. Black-eyed peas, field peas, or purple hulls could be substituted for the limas, and you could use a boneless deep fried chicken thigh instead of beef in the country fried steak. Try this one out. I think you will love it.