Coast Cooking

Coast Cooking: Fried Bologna sandwich, mmm!

I am still thinking about my Oxford trip and all the good food I had while I was there.

John Currence's City Grocery is a pretty famous place and has been covered by the Food Network and many others. 

It is upscale Southern, and I love the return to basic Southern roots that you can find on the menu. 

Back in the 1960s I briefly attended a small Mississippi elementary school where fried bologna was on the lunch menu and I was amazed to see fried bologna on Currence’s lunch menu. 

American Bologna has little in common with its Italian counterpart, mortadella, which was made in Bologna, and so earned its American name, but even if you can't get the good stuff, it makes a pretty darn good sandwich. 


Thick slices of grilled bologna

Roasted bell pepper

Cabbage slaw

Bread and butter pickles


Toasted white bread

Sear the bologna, but make sure you use thick slices, not the prepackages slices that are way too thin. For the rest or the ingredients Currence uses house-made, but you can use store-bought and still get good results. Layer everything on thick, and serve warm. This one is sure to surprise and delight your family.