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Coast Cooking: Nothing beats a basic cheeseburger

You know I couldn't have a week of blogs about sandwiches without mentioning the cheeseburger, right? 

It is such a thing of perfection, in all its guises. From a simple patty and a slice or two of cheese, to one of those mega burgers with everything you can think of stacked on top. 

I love burgers with fried green tomatoes, pimento and cheese, onion rings, avocado, slaw.

I've even had a burger in Houston (Miss.) with pizza sauce and toppings that were pretty good. 

What's not to like?

But let's go back to the basics this time. A simple cheese burger, prepared the way it should be.


1/2 pound 80/20 ground beef

1/2 pound fatty ground pork

Salt and freshly ground, course black pepper

1-2 tablespoons Dales Steak Seasoning

2-5 cloves diced garlic

American made artisanal cheddar cheese

One of the most critical elements in making this great burger is the fire. Please use hardwood charcoal, and make sure all the coals are white and at their hottest. Combine the meats, seasonings, and garlic, but don't overdo it. Form into patties the size of the bread you have chosen, and grill until just done, but not well done. Five minutes before they are done, add the cheese and close the grill to melt the cheese. Use condiments sparingly, as the burger needs little else to find greatness. 

A special note: please, please do not push down on your burger with a spatula, or stab it with a fork. The point is to have a juicy burger, not drive the juice out.