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Coast Cooking: Try this muffaletta

Today we’ll focus on a rather broad category of sandwich -- those made from fresh-sliced deli meats. 

The classic club falls into that folder, as does the simple baloney sandwich, the ham and cheese and the killer Dagwood.

But, perhaps at the top of the list is the muffaletta of Central Grocery fame in New Orleans. 

At its center is a medley of sliced meats, mortadella, salami and ham, plus cheese, usually provolone and mozzarella, and then olive salad. 

The bread is supposed to be Sicilian. This is the classic recipe, but there is nothing wrong with being creative with it, right?

Try this one and let me know what you think.


Thick, chewy bread, or, for open faced, a flat bread


Hot Soppressata

Smoked bacon fried crispy

White cheddar cheese

Best German mustard

Olive salad

Combine these ingredients in any quantity and order that you like. Be as liberal with the olive salad and mustard as you can stand, but serve it warm so the cheese melts. Make sure to slice the sandwich in half or quarters and serve at once.