Coast Cooking

Coast Cooking: How to make a great BLT

I am not sure there is a better sandwich in the world than a well-made BLT. 

I know I have a tendency to harp on some subjects, but the quality of the ingredients is always an issue. 

The point is that there are some very low-grade food stuffs out there, and you have to be selective if you want the best. If you are down and out, or just watching the budget, do the best you can and watch the portions. 

There is some pretty good smoked bacon to be found in the grocery stores and other brands available on the Internet.

A great BLT has to have some heft to it, so if you want to make it a double-decker, that’s fine.  What is critical is that it is served at once, still hot and not mushy. If you let a BLT sit around, the double dollop of mayonnaise you used could make the bread soggy. And that would be a sin.


4-6 slices of bacon per sandwich

2-4 thin slices absolutely ripe, farmers market tomatoes

Best quality mayonnaise

Salt and pepper

A few pieces of good lettuce, if you must

Make sure to fry the bacon crispy, if too much grease fills the pan, the bacon will swim and not cook properly. It should be removed with a large spoon and saved for a pot of beans. Toast the bread, add the bacon, layer on the tomatoes, season (be carefully with the salt, as the bacon will already have some), add mayonnaise and you are good to go.