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Coast Cooking: Chicken or pork cutlet sandwich

Years ago, I used to buy canned ham patties with which to make ham and cheese sandwiches. 

I graduated to using leftover chicken or pork cutlets, and any sort of condiment I could scrape up: coleslaw, lots of cheese, salad mix or even potato salad.

This really is a good sandwich idea, so making it from scratch, instead of using leftovers is well-justified. Adding slices of provolone and a little red sauce gives it a delightful Italian swing. Use boneless chicken thighs, or pounded-until-tender pork cutlets, for best results. 


1 cutlet per sandwich

1 large, fresh baked bun per sandwich

1 egg well whisked 

1 cup panko bread crumbs

2 slices provolone or 1 provolone and 1 mozzarella

3-4 big tablespoons marinara sauce  

Make sure the sauce is warm and the oven is on bake, 350 f, would be good. Dip the cutlet in the egg, then the breadcrumbs, shake off the excess. Sauté in a little oil until well-browned, but not overcooked. Add the cutlet to a sliced bun, top with cheese and sauce and bake until hot and bubbly.