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Coast Cooking: Try making your own cocktail sauce

One of the most wonderful ways you can serve shrimp, is with a simple cocktail sauce.

 It is old-school, out-of-date, and seldom seen any more, but it is still delicious. If you cook the shrimp in a seasoned broth, like we talked about yesterday, it is even better. 

It would still be good with a quick sauté in a little butter, but maybe the method of cooking the shrimp is not the question, perhaps we should look at a good cocktail sauce instead?

It seems to have gotten its name as it was originally served in a cocktail glass, with the shrimp hanging on the rim. Recipes vary widely, but most commonly include ketchup and horseradish as a base. In the UK they like to add mayonnaise, and I think that is just fine, but it should be a bit sharp, so go heavy on the horseradish and maybe some hot sauce as well. 




Hot sauce 


Optional mayonnaise

Use these basic ingredients to make a cocktail sauce that you like. Start with a heavy base of ketchup, add some prepared horseradish, mix and taste. Add more or less as your taste requires. Now proceed to the hot sauce, lemon and mayonnaise, if you like. This way you build a sauce that you like. This process won't take long at all, and you will be the proud owner of your very own recipe when done.