Coast Cooking

Coast Cooking: Roast your own red peppers for pimento and cheese, other dishes

This is not a complete recipe idea unto itself. There's not much you can do with roasted red bell peppers alone, but they can enhance a lot of other good things you might like to cook.

Try making homemade pimento and cheese with peppers you have roasted yourself, instead of the true pimentos you can buy in a jar. They make a great garnish for grilled steaks and are a wonder when served with pasta or an omelet.

In fact, this recipe is not restricted to red bell peppers but can be used with jalapeño, poblano, or any other pepper you like.  Another interesting idea is to use them for pesto. The technical imparts a lovely smoky flavor, but, as is always the case, if you overcook them, they will be mushy and rather uninteresting.



1 large red bell pepper

A good paring knife

Gas range, grill or broiler

Brown paper sack


Core the pepper with the paring knife, place it over a hot gas flame, or grill and, turning with thongs, blacken thoroughly. Place in the brown paper sack, close it up and steam for a few minutes. Remove when cool, and peel away most of the blackened skin under running water.