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Coast Cooking: It's tomato time!

All this week I am going to be blogging about fresh tomatoes.

It may seem a bit early, but I have already been buying some killer tomatoes at the Ocean Springs and Gulfport fresh markets.

That magical time approaches when a good Southerner can pick a tomatom, still hot from the sun,  and make a tomato sandwich out of it. A little mayonnaise, good bread, salt and pepper, put it all together, then sit down on the back steps and enjoy one of the wonders of summer.

There is absolutely no comparison between a fresh heirloom tomato and a hothouse variety. The test is very simple: Smell it. If it does not have any smell, it will not have any flavor.

Some smart marketing exec has the idea of selling tomatoes that are still on the vine. The vine smells like tomato, but the tomato is the same old thing, tasteless.

Best advice possible: Buy your tomatoes from a local farmer at the fresh market.

Here's a recipe for stuffed tomato, given to me by my Facebook friend Diann Irving Alford. Combine the ingredients and enjoy this wonderful recipe with your family.


"I use eight leftover cornbread muffins and about 2 cups of corn and 3/4 to 1 cup diced red onion and 3 or 4 diced tomatoes (depending on the size) and 1 jalapeno. Granny used the insides of the tomatoes she was stuffing and put a dollop of mayo on top.

Simple: combine and stuff!"