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Coast Cooking: Try this egg topped cheeseburger

I have refrained for months from writing about my passion for cheeseburgers, but the time has come again. 

While in Hattiesburg a few weeks ago I had lunch with chef and restaurateur Robert St. James at Branch, one of his five eateries, and the burger he is serving there is crazy good. 

Branch house grinds their beef from short ribs and brisket, which is a wonderful combination, and far better than any ground beef you can get at the grocery. 

Branch also has the option of adding an egg to the burger and that is a wonderful idea. The creamy yolk acts like a sauce, covering the burger and adding a velvety texture and richness that nothing else could. Give it a try.


Two hand-formed beef patties

1 farm-fresh egg

2 thick slices American-made mammoth cheddar cheese

Toasted locally made bread

Grill the burgers to medium, never more, add a slice of cheese to each, melt, then stack two patties on top of each other, soft fry the egg and add that last. Place on the toasted bun and you are home free.