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Coast Cooking: Make a glass of dragonwell green tea

We are staying on the subject of tea today, but this time in a more classical sense. 

I have been a green tea drinker for years. It started when I met America's tea guru, James Norwood Pratt. 

If you want to find your way around this fascinating world, get a copy of his book, “New Tea Lover's Treasury.” 

It will tell you everything you need to know, and you will enjoy the grace and beauty with which Norwood wrote the book. 

So making a good cup of tea is pretty easy, isn't it? Easy, yes, but exacting. 

Here are some of the thing you must consider; selecting a good whole leaf tea, the water you use, the temperature of the water, a good kettle, the amount of tea to use, steeping time, and the cup you will drink it from. Every step counts. 


1 tablespoon green tea

1 tall glass

Hot water

Heat the water to 176-185 f. Fill the glass 1/3 full of water, add the tea and gently stir for 30 seconds, now sit back and watch. The tea leaves will slowly sink to the bottom, but it will take 2-3 minutes. Watch and relax. When all the leaves have fallen to the bottom of the glass, fill the glass 2/3 full. The tea is now ready to drink, but remember, drink only 1/3 then refill. A good tea can be infused with hot water several times.