Coast Cooking

Coast Cooking: Prepare your own roast beef for a great po-boy

In my book, nothing beats a good roast beef po-boy. It is delicious, sloppy and if you have it with a Barq's Root Beer, it is a Gulf Coast tradition that is several generations old. 

The pity of it all is that many restaurants use pre-cooked beef from one of the big shippers, and  it is just not the same as preparing it yourself. 

Is it time consuming to make a roast beef? Yes, you bet. Is it hard? Absolutely not. Is it expensive? A bit, but it makes a ton of food for your family. Take the plunge and make this Deep South classic at home. 


1 beef chuck roast

8-12 cloves garlic

Salt and pepper

1-2 cup beef broth

Pre-heat your oven to 300 f. Allow the roast to approach room temperature. Make small slits in the roast and insert 1/2 a garlic clove in each. Now season the roast all over with salt and pepper. Add a pinch or two of red pepper flakes if you like. Using a heavy bottom oven proof pan that has been well oiled, get it smoking hot, add the roast and give it a good sear. Take your time and get it right. Add the stock, put the lid on and place it in the oven. Braise for 3 1/2 hours. Half way through turn it over. Carefully remove it from the oven, allow it to cool, then using two forks pull it apart. Build your po-boy any way you like it. If there is not enough gravy, remove the roast, leaving all of the debris, add a cup or so of stock and simmer until it is flavorful. Thicken if necessary.