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Coast Cooking: Get healthy with this turkey wrap recipe

I get a lot of grief for the hearty recipes I love to post. No, I do not eat like that all of the time, but I like to claim that my Northern European heritage is to blame. 

It’s a pretty good excuse, right?

One of the healthiest recipes I like is a simple turkey wrap.  As always use the best quality ingredients for the best results. If you use dried out turkey and tasteless cheese the results will be poor. 

Many grocery stores have pretty good delis and offer roast turkey, chicken and beef in-house. That will probably be your best source for tender, juicy turkey. 

Prepackaged and sliced turkey is often processed and not exactly delectable, but if that is all you can get, go for it. 


Whole wheat soft tortillas

Thin sliced roasted turkey

Lots of chopped romaine lettuce

Thin sliced, ripe red tomato

Homemade garlic or jalapeño mayonnaise

Build the turkey wrap in any order you like, but start with the mayonnaise, then turkey. The rest is up to you. Make garlic mayonnaise by roasting garlic in the oven, in a little olive oil, then blending it with your homemade mayonnaise or favorite store bought. Dice, then blend a jalapeno, and combine with mayo to the strength you like. A little jalapeño goes a long way.