Coast Cooking

Coast Cooking: Try the good stuff when it comes to tuna

So you think tuna is tuna, right?

Nope, sorry, nothing could be further from the truth. If you are wise, you shop a local fish market and are used to the delicious yellow fin tuna that is harvested from the Gulf of Mexico. A 1-inch steak seared just right, but never cooked through, is delicious and very healthy.

If you are profoundly lucky and have lived a good life, then one day you just might run into some blue fin tuna, specifically a cut from the belly the Japanese call toro.

If you are blessed above almost everyone else, then that toro just might be otoro, the best of the best.

This well-marbled piece of fish will look like a prime cut of beef in color and fat content.  Is it pricey? Like you won’t believe, but it is almost indescribably delicious as well. Mortgage the house, raid the savings account, but please, please try some.

Nothing is easier to cook!


1 piece otoro tuna

1 kitchen blow torch

Soy sauce

Cut the tuna into 1/2 inch slices; take your time and get it right. Now is not the time to make a mistake. Sear the tuna, only on one side, for just 15-20 seconds with the torch. If you have the good stuff you will be amazed at the fat that will render. Now, just add a drop of soy to each and enjoy. Your life will never be the same.