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Coast Cooking: Sausage is an outstanding culinary achievement

In my culinary opinion, sausage is one of the crowning achievements of Western Civilization. 

Yes, yes, I know that sausage was not invented in Europe, but it is a much more glorious statement than claiming it to be a feat of some early man and what he could accomplish with intestines and stomachs. See what I mean?

The list of really good sausages, both fresh and cured, would be massive indeed.

The Germans alone have at least 40. But if you stick to fresh sausage, it is a category that fits very nicely being made in a home kitchen. It is not hard to find casings to fill with fatty pork, but then again, casings do not have to be used at all. Think of breakfast sausage. 

Sausage makes for a great breakfast, a wonderful sandwich or taco, is great in tomato-based sauces, and is also a great addition to almost any stew. A good German would be satisfied with a grilled sausage, a bit of hot mustard and a small piece of bread. It is as versatile as a food can be. 

This recipe is courtesy of Chef Cheri Hiers, executive chef at the Mary C. O'Keefe Culinary Café. 


4-5 lb pork shoulder (Cut into 1 inch cubes)

4 tablespoons of Cajun spice blend

2 tablespoons garlic powder

2 teaspoons ground fennel seed

8 green onions or scallions

1/2 small yellow onion minced

Mix Cajun spice blend, garlic powder and fennel seed.  Toss the cubed pork shoulder in spice blend and allow it to marinate in the refrigerator for at least four hours, but overnight is OK, too.  Grind the pork in a meat grinder according to the manufacturer's instructions, using a double bowl ice bath to keep the meat cold during the grinding process. Fold in the green and minced onions to the ground pork. Cut off a small piece to cook for testing and adjust seasoning to taste. Refrigerate sausage to allow the fats to rest. Cook and enjoy.