Coast Cooking

Coast Cooking: Ham and egg sandwich is easy and delicious

In my experience simply prepared foods are often the best to eat.

One of the simplest foods found in our refrigerators is the egg. 

This magnificent mouthful of protein comes with its own sauce, if you do not cook it too long. It can be paired with many things, in many ways, but as a topping to a sandwich it is grand. 

Top a burger with a over easy egg, or make the egg the main ingredient, slap on a little mayonnaise and you are good to go. 

But an over-easy egg added to a sandwich made with country ham is almost too good to describe. 


Whole wheat bread, toasted

2-3 thin slices best quality country ham per sandwich

1 egg per sandwich

Sauté the ham in a little oil until it is well-browned. In the same pan, cook the eggs, making sure the yellow is still soft. Add a little mayonnaise to the bread if you like, add the ham and top carefuly with the eggs. Cover with the other piece of bread, give it a push so the yolk breaks. Serve hot and make sure you have napkins at hand.