Coast Cooking

Coast Cooking: How to enjoy fresh oysters

I was in Pass Christian over the weekend and enjoyed some fresh, raw oysters. 

Is there a more sublime delicacy that comes from our salty waters? 

I don’t get the slimy thing some folks talk about, a raw oyster is not slimy to me. It is delicate with a salty goodness, yes, but I find nothing about this mollusk unpleasant. 

Here is the simplest way to enjoy local oysters

Buy a sack or half a sack of oysters from the Pass Christian harbor

Find a friend with an oyster knife and offer free beverages for his or her labor

Open the oysters, discarding half the shell and remembering not spill the liquor

Fill a tray with rock salt and place the oysters on the half shell on top

Slice some fresh lemons

If you've got them, employ tiny oyster forks

Dribble a few drops of lemon on the oysters

Use a fork, or just raise the oyster to your lips and slurp, and it is done

Now, start again.