Coast Cooking

Coast Cooking: Tomatoes and grilled okra, Mmm! Mmm!

Tomatoes are obviously not in season, but you can find some that are pretty good at the grocery store, although they will be pricey.

Okra is in season and if you have never grilled okra you are in for a treat. Okra is best when cooked over a smoky fire, but a grill pan will be OK as well. 

Real smoke from a real fire is always more interesting than anything a pan can produce. Fresh tomatoes and grilled okra is a match made in heaven. The ricotta adds a nice mild and smooth component. If you are adventurous, use goat’s cheese. Serve as a salad or light lunch.


2-3 sliced tomatoes

6-8 whole okra

Fresh ricotta cheese

Olive oil


Slice the okra in half, remove the cap and anoint in a little olive oil. On a grill or grill pan give them a good sear, be sure to salt them well, and do not overcook. Plate the sliced tomatoes, top with the grilled okra, add dollops of ricotta and drizzle with best quality olive oil. Serve with hunks of good, crusty bread.