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Coast Cooking: Baloney is not all bad

Most of you know the story of baloney, right? It is a sausage first made by the Italians, but they call it mortadella. 

That was too much of a mouthful for many Americans, so they called it the salami made in Bologna, and of course, with our fondness for slurring words, that one day became baloney. 

Please do not think the two are much related. The Italian version, which can be found in better delis, is delightful and is made with cured pork and most often boasts thin slices of pistachios, and is seasoned with black pepper and myrtle berries. 

Who knows, or for that matter, wants to know, what our baloney is made of.

Recently I had a killer smoked baloney sandwich at Back Bay BBQ, a new place in St. Martin. 

Thick slices of baloney, with just a good hint of smoke, and not over powered by it, then given a good sear and served on a decent roll. I could easily have eaten two!


(ingredients per sandwich)

1 thick slice baloney per sandwich

1 locally baked pistolette per sandwich

2-3 tablespoons smoky barbecue sauce or ketchup cut with prepared horseradish

Optional; chopped jalapenos

If you have a stove top smoker or a conventional outside smoker, slice and smoke the baloney for just 10 or 15 minutes. Give them a good sear in a heavy bottom pan with just a little oil, but don’t burn them. Slice the crusty pistolette in half, slice the baloney in half, slather with the BBQ sauce or fortified catsup and add to the sandwich. The chopped jalapenos really add a nice zing. Make at least two per person.