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Coast Cooking: Yellow squash and pasta is a great seasonal meal

It's not always easy to cook to the season, but this time of year yellow squash is abundant and affordable. 

Typically, at least in the Deep South, squash is simply sautéed with perhaps a bit of onion and garlic, and there is nothing wrong with that recipe, it is delicious. 

But it is not exactly very creative either, is it?

I love to combine squash (or zucchini) with a classic red sauce, locally made sausages, and my favorite pasta. 

It makes for a hearty meal and won't break the bank. 

The red sauce can be as simple as a can of best quality whole tomatoes, or you can make an all-day simmered ragu. It works either way and anywhere in between you like.  Just don’t forget to garnish it with lots of Parmigiano-Reggiano, the king of cheeses.


2 cups homemade red sauce

2-4 yellow squash

2 Italian style sausages (Rouses has the best)

1 package favorite pasta

Red pepper flakes

Olive oil

Break the sausage up and sauté in a pan with a little oil. Remove and set aside. Cut the squash into bite size shapes, and they do not have to all be identical, then sauté briefly in the same pan (don't take the sausage drippings out). Add the red sauce and sausage, and simmer until the squash is done, but not mushy. As always, this sauce will be better the next day. Prepare the pasta according to package directions, plate and top with the sauce and lots of Parmigiano-Reggiano.