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Coast Cooking: Try a simple romantic New Year’s Eve

New Years Eve doesn't have to be a huge party night. Why not make it a romantic evening with someone you truly care for? 

You don’t have to spend a fortune to make it a special evening. 

Here's the plan: make sure the setting is romantic. A few candles will go a long way to make it right. If you have a fireplace or an outside fire pit, then you are home free. Just add a few warm blankets and you’re done, except for the eats. 

Smoked salmon is a most under-appreciated food. You do not have to buy it by the pound, just three or four slices per person will do nicely. 

It can make an elegant setting and is delicious. You have the choice of thin-sliced cold smoked salmon, or filets of hot smoked; both are scrumptious . 

As for the bubbly, why not go for a wonderful and inexpensive bottle of Italian prosecco? Find one that is not too sweet, and you will not regret it. 


1 bottle cold Italian prosecco

1 package smoked salmon

1 cup crème fresh (sub sour cream cut with a few drops of buttermilk)


Red onion

Open the smoked salmon and separate the slices, roll or otherwise cut into attractive shapes, dot with the crème fresh, artfully toss on a few capers and chopped red onion. That’s it! Serve cold, along with equally cold glasses of prosecco.