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COAST COOKING: Christmas is over, now on to the leftovers

OK, the drama is over.

Somehow you have made it through another Christmas more or less unscathed. If you are lucky the dishes are done, the leftovers put away, and no guest is left napping on the couch.  

Did you vacuum the carpets and put away the gifts, salvaging what gift wrap you could? Well then, you are in good shape.

No matter how much you ate Thursday, a good lunch utilizing those leftovers is now called for.

Yes, I am sure you don’t want a plate of sliced turkey, stuffing and gravy, but that turkey can still be put to good use. My friend Chef Monti of In and Out in Biloxi makes a killer turkey wrap and that is exactly what I am going to have today, or at least my version of it. Here is the basic recipe. I hope you enjoy it as much as I will.


Thinly sliced leftover turkey

Chopped lettuce and tomato

Black olives

Lots of homemade mayonnaise

Whole wheat wraps

Putting together this wrap is a no-brainer. Just slather the mayonnaise on, a good garlicky aioli would be good too, and then pile on all the ingredients you want, in whatever proportion you might like. Serving this wrap warm is a good idea, and if you want to add chases warming it will make it a wonderful gooey mess.  If you are really lucky, you might enjoy this wrap with a cold, locally brewed beer.